Free Shipping Commemorative Coin Collection China Aerospace Chinese Space 10 Yuan 2015 Issue with capsule

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Product Overview

In order to celebrate the great achievements of China’s space industry, the People’s Bank of China is scheduled to issue commemorative coins on space theme in 2015.

This coins is free shipping and with capsuels.

* Material: Copper Alloy Bicolor
* Issue Time : November 26, 2015
* Diameter: 27mm
* Denomination: 10 Yuan
* Front side: The front main picture is the national emblem, the name of the country of the People’s Republic of China on the top and the year number of 2015 on the bottom.
* Back side: The main picture on the back is the Shenzhou-9 short-orbit docking spacecraft pattern. From the right, the upper part of the background outer ring is the Dongfanghong-1 satellite, Shenzhou-5, Chang’e-1, lunar rover and the folk totem pattern representing the ancient Chinese flying dream. The lower left is the abstract earth and the long 2F carrier rocket pattern, and the lower right is the peaceful one. The pigeons evolved into pentagonal and star patterns.

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